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Genuine SAMSUNG 940X3G NP940X3G 1588-3366 BA43-00364A AA-PLVN4AR Battery Zoom

Genuine SAMSUNG 940X3G NP940X3G 1588-3366 BA43-00364A AA-PLVN4AR Battery

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Genuine SAMSUNG 940X3G NP940X3G 1588-3366 BA43-00364A AA-PLVN4AR 7.6V 55Wh Battery
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    Product Description


      Genuine Original BA43-00364A AA-PLVN4AR 7.6V 55Wh Battery for Samsung 910S5J-K01, 910S5J-K02, 930X3G-K02, 930X3G-K05, 940X3G, NP940X3G Notebook

      Additional Information

      Battery Type Li-Polymer
      Battery Voltage 7.6V
      Capacity 55Wh
      Color Black
      Compatible Part Numbers: AA-PLVN4AR, BA43-00364A
      Compatible Models: NP910S5J-K01FR, NP910S5J-KU2HK, NP910S5J-K02FR, NP910S5J-K03CN, NP940X3G-K05, NP930X3G-K02, NP910S5J-KS1CN, NP940X3G-K01CN, NP940X3G-K04BE, NP940X3G-K06US, NP940X3G-K01CH, NP910S5J-K07, NP940X3G-K02IT, NP940X3G-K01NL, NP940X3G-K01BE, NP940X3G-K05CA, NP910S5J-K02DE, NP940X3G-K08DE, NP940X3K-K01HK, NP930X3G-K05, NP940X3G-K01AT, NP940X3G-S02US, NT910S5J-K59W, NT940X3G-K54 NT940X3G-K64, 930X3G-K02, NP930X3G-K01CN, NP940X3G-K01HS, NP940X3G-K02AT, 940X3K-K01, NP940X3G-K05BE, NP910S5J-K01, NP940X3G-K02TR, NP910S5J-K05HK, NP910S5J-K01DE, NP940X3G-K04HK, NP940X3G-KU1HK, NP930X3G-K02CN, NP940X3G-K01IT, NP940X3G-K03CN, NP940X3G-K01HU, 910S5J-K01, NP910S5J-K03, NP910S5J-K01HK, NP940X3G-K02UK, ATIV Book 9 Plus 940X3G Ultrabook, 940X3K-K03, NP940X3G-K03BE, NP940X3G-K01TR, NP940X3G-K04US, NP910S5J-K01SA, NP910S5J-K03HK, 940X3K-K02, NP940X3G-K05CH, NP940X3G-S01US, NP940X3G-K02CH, NP910S5J-KU1HK, NP940X3G-K03CH, NP940X3G-K01DE, NP940X3G-K02CN, NP930X3G-KU1HK, NP940X3G-K02HK, NP940X3G-K01BG, NT930X3G-K79S, NP940X3G-K02US, 940X3G-K01, 940X3G-K02, NP940X3G-K02NL, NP930X3G-K01HK, NP910S5J-K01MY, NP910S5J-K01BE, NP910S5J-K01IT, NP940X3G-K03DE, NP910S5J-K04, NP940X3G-K05CN, NP940X3G-K04TR, NP940X3G-K01SE, 940X3G, NP930X3G-K02HK, NP940X3G-K01, NP940X3G-K03AT, NP940X3G-K02AR, NP940X3G-K01CZ, NP940X3G-K02, NP940X3G-K01EE, NP940X3G-K01PH, NP910S5J-K02, NP940X3G-K01UK, NP940X3G-K03FR, NP940X3G-K06AT, NP940X3G-K02SA, NP940X3G-K01PT, NP940X3K-K03US, NP940X3G-K01ZA, NP940X3G-K03, NP940X3G-K05US, NP910S5J-K07HK, NT910S5J-K51W, NP910S5J-K01NL, NT910S5J-K503C, NP940X3G-S03US, NP940X3G-K01US, 940X3G-K04, NP940X3G-S04US, NP940X3G-K01AU, NP910S5J-K01CH, NP940X3G-K02FR, NT940X3G-K78 Series Notebook, 940X3G-S01, NP940X3G-K05DE, NP940X3G-K04CH, 930X3G-K05, NP910S5J-K01TR, NP940X3G-K06DE, NP940X3G-K06CN, NP940X3G-K04CN, NP940X3G-K01FR, NP940X3G-K01PL, NP940X3G-K04NL, NP940X3G-K01CA, 910S5J-K02, NP910S5J-K01CN, NP940X3G-K03HK, NP940X3G-K01VE, NP930X3G-K05CN, NP910S5J-K01SE, NP940X3G-K04SE, 940X3G-K03, NP940X3G-K07DE, NP940X3G-K01HK, NP910S5J-K04CN, NP940X3G-K04CA, NP910S5J-K02CN, NP940X3G-S01, NP910S5J-K05, NP910S5J-K02HK

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