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Replacement Asus EXA0904YH P43S A53S N43 N53 19V 4.74A AC/DC Adapter Charger

Replacement Asus EXA0904YH P43S A53S N43 N53 19V 4.74A AC/DC Adapter Charger Zoom

Replacement Asus EXA0904YH P43S A53S N43 N53 19V 4.74A AC/DC Adapter Charger

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Replacement Asus EXA0904YH P43S A53S N43 N53 19V 4.74A AC/DC Adapter Charger
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    Product Description

      Product Name

      Replacement Asus EXA0904YH P43S A53S N43 N53 19V 4.74A AC/DC Adapter Charger

      Input 100-240V / 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use)
      Adapter Output Voltage 19V
      Adapter Output Current 4.74A
      Adapter Power 90W
      Adapter Plug Size 5.5*2.5mm
      Color Black
      Compatible Part Numbers: 90-N6EPW2000, 90-N6EPW2010, ADP-65DB REV B, ADP-90F, ADP-90SB, ADP-90SB BB, ADP-90YD B, EXA0904YH, EXA1202YH, FSP090-DMBF1, PA-1900-24, PA-1900-30, PA-1900-34, PA-1900-36, PA3380U-1ACA, R32379, R33030
      Compatible Models: K43JC, ASUS M SERIES: M2000, X73E-XR2, K53E-SX049X, K53B, U56JC, K53JE, K43TA, K53E-B, A6VA, X43JF, K53SC, K53SN, K53SV-SX087V, K43E-VX139D, K43BY, M51VA, A8JP, A53TA, M70SA, A6VM, X58C, K43E-3IVX, K43SJ-VX086V, W1GA, U6E, M6800N, A6JC, U46E-BAL5, X43JX, A6R, K53SJ-SX216V, W3000V, K53SE, N75E, A8JC, K53SV-SX174V, N80VN, A8J, K53JF, K53SV-SX071V, A53SD, K43SV-VX094, P43, M6700N, K53SV-SX223V, ASUS A7 SERIES: A7C, F5VL, K53U, A43JN, A8SC, VX2, V2S, A43JP, U36, X551MAV, F8TR, X43V, A8Jp, K53SV-SX126V, F3Tc, ASUS F5 SERIES: F5R, K43E-3JVX, X73E-TY047V, ASUS A6 SERIES: A6KM, K53BY, M50SA, K53SV-SX121V, ASUS F6 SERIES: F6A, P41, K43SV-VX124V, W3000, A7Vc, A53JH, F3JM, A7V, U56, A8JE, K43SJ-VX190, PL80JT, A43J, U56E-XR2, X551MAV-HCL1201E, K43SV-193D2410M, A7F, K43JM, A8JM, A7C, K53JC, UL20A, W3Z, F3TC, N45SF-V2G-VX042V, W7J, A6KT, X72F, K53E-SX123V, ASUS X SERIES: X50C, V1Jp, A73SV-TY125V, F3Sc, ASUS G SERIES: G1, W3J, N45, W1N, W2P, U46E, N45E, A43SJ, A6V, M51SE, K53SV-2GG-SX006V, A53JE, U6V, K43SV-VX129, K43E-VX124, U46JC, W2VC, K43E-VX118, A53SV, F9S, N75S, A8N, P53E, U56E-BBL5, A6KM, A7M, U36JC, G1S, U56E, K43U-VX012, X73, N61J, F8SA, ASUS M51 SERIES: M51KR, K53SJ, A43JG, ASUS M2 SERIES: M2000, K601, A53JT, F3JV, A43JV, X43E, W3V, K53SV-SX204V, M51SR, F8SN, F80CR, K53J-D1B, N45SL, V1JP, K53S, K53J, K53JS, X43B, X43SJ, K53S-SX085, U46SD, A6K, F3T, U3SG, P43SJ, M51SN, F3SC, A8JR, A43E, K53J-SX216, N75SF-V2G-TZ060V, X80N, K43E-VX139, F8VA, X52F, N75SL, X51CUL20, X73E-TY062V, K53T, VX2S, K43E-VX123, F80L, K43SE, N45SF-V2G-VX041V, A43JA, F3U, F5VLA, F3M, A7Tc, K43E-3CVX, A53JU, F80S, A8SR, A43BY, K43U-VX016D, X43JE, V1J, W1GC, X43, X43T, F2JE, K53JT, W2JB, F3SV, K53SA, W2VB, X55SR, K43U-VX008, K43SV-VX120, K53SV-A1, K43F, N75SF, K43SV, K43JS, K43E-3HVX, N75, A7G, A43SV, K43U-VX006, A6Ta, K53SV-SX125, W1VB, N55SF, F3SE, X59GL, F3KE, ASUS A8 SERIES: A8DC, A53JC, M70VM, A53S, F8SP, A73E-XE1, X43S, K53SV-SX146V, K43J, X51R, A43JQ, P31, X73SL, F9SG, X72DR, A43JU, K43JY, A43JF, X43J, X55SV, N50VC, A8M, N55SF-A1, A53JB, N55SF-S1150V, ASUS V SERIES: LAMBORGHINI VX3, A8T, W1JC CARBON, K53SV-SX045R, U36SD, K43E-VX120D, K53SV-B1, P53, K53SV-SX081, ASUS F8 SERIES: F8DC, K53SD, X43U, ASUS W SERIES: W1 CARBON, A53BY, A43B, K53E-A1, F9F, F8SV, A8JN, A53E, A7S, A8Js, F3KA, K43SJ, A7SV, K43SV-VX014D, K43T, ASUS: A43, X43JR, X43BY, A43JR, ASUS F3 SERIES: F3E, X80Z, X51L, A53B, M51KR, U36JC-B1, W2W, P41SV, G1, P53SJ, N55SF-S2151V, N75SF-A1, U46E-RAL5, U46, P31SD, W3, N80VC, K43E-VX127, U56E-RBL7, U36JC-B2B, A53J, U6S, ASUS M70 SERIES: M70SA, U46J, K93, F6S, M2000N, V2JE, W3N, K43E-VX113, W1JB, W2Pc, F3JP, K43SV-VX142, A8JS, F8P, K53SV-SX123V, A53, K53S-V1G, F3Q, A8Jc, A53JQ, U46SV, K53SV-SX077D, M6VA, V1S, K53F, K53SV-SX169D, VX2SE, K53JA, G1SN, K43E-VX037, M6N, F3L, A7K, K53E-SX069V, K43E-VX065, K43, M6V, K53SV-V2G-SX208V, A8TM, U6SG, K43B, X50M, G2PC, U56E-RBL5, K53, F8SR, P43E, K53E-SX111V, W2JC, K43E-2410M, F80Q, W2V, W5F, A53SJ, W1VC, F2J, X73E, A53F, X551MAV-SX368B, F8SG, A6U, A8Jr, K43E, K53JG, W7S, N55, A8Sc, A7T, K43SJ-VX077, F3JR, ASUS M50 SERIES: M50SA, M51VR, A8JA, F9J, K53E-SX058V, G2, K43SD, W5V, U46S, W2J, F3SG, K43U, W3A, A6Jm, X43SR, G2K, K53SV-SX131V, K53SV, A8F, A6TC, PL80J, N55SL, A6RP, A73E, K43SJ-VX183D, A6T, K53E, A6M, F6E, K53SV-SX075V, K53TA, ASUS A SERIES: A7C, K43E-VX122, N45SF, N55S, X73E-TY059V, PL80, W1NA, U36JC-A1, K43E-VX056, K53-3, K43SY, ASUS F9 SERIES: F9DC, U5F, A53T, U6VC, G2PB, K53E-SX048X, M50SR, F8VR, M70SR, F6VE, U46E-RAL, X73E-TY032V-BE, K53SV-SX055V, G2S, U36J, ASUS M6 SERIES: M6000N, M2000, A7J, K43E-VX114V, X551MA-DS21Q, X73V, K43SR, U56J, P31F, U5A, F5V, U36JC0-NYC, K53SV-SX079V, ASUS N SERIES: N20A, K43E-VX052R, A73, K43E-VX057, N75SF-V2G-TZ04V, K43SV-VX065D, N55E, A43F, K53SV-SX137V, K43SJ-VX061D, K43E-3DVX, K53E-B1, M50SV, ASUS U SERIES: U3S, K43SJ-VX184D, A8TC, A8Z, M6000N, A43U, F6V, A43JB, A6, M50VM, A7Jc, A43JC, K53S/E, K43SJ-VX189D, N45S, M6B00N, K53SV-SX144D, X43SV, K93SV, K43SJ-VX177D, F3P, F3JC, A6JA, F3JA, A7D, K53E-SX104V, A6VC, W7F, K43E-3FVX, N50VN, K43SV-VX097V, K43SC, F8V, K43S, K53SV-SX080V, U36S, A53JA, K43E-3EVX, X551MAV-RCLN06, K53JN, A43S, A43JH, F3SA, A53JR

      CF-AAA001A M1
      CF-AA1653A MA
      Panasonic RFEA226J-AF
      Replacement Delta DPS-150NB-1 B 12V 12.5A 4 PIN AC Adapter Power
      ADLX45DLC3A Lenovo Chromebook N21 20V 2.25A 45W 3.0*1.0mm Laptop AC Adapter
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