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Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for Hp HSTNN-CA21

Replacement HP Slate 2 500 HSTNN-DA21 30W 19V 1.58A Laptop AC Adapter Zoom

Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for Hp HSTNN-CA21

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A new Replacement Laptop AC Adapter for Hp HSTNN-CA21 laptop models, This Hp adapter (30W 19V 1.58A) is interchangeable with any Hp charger requiring 30W 19V 1.58A or less, as long as the voltage matches. The charger can be used worldwide, so take it with you when you travel to another country.
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    Product Description

      Product Name

      Hp HSTNN-CA21 Laptop AC Adapter

      Original Model HSTNN-CA21
      Input 100-240V / 50-60Hz (Worldwide Use)
      Adapter Output Voltage 19V
      Adapter Output Current 1.58A
      Adapter Power 30W
      Color Black
      Compatible Part Numbers: 594906-001, 594906-002, 594913-001, HSTNN-CA21, HSTNN-DA21, 594905-001, 594912-001, ADP-25MB, HSTNN-CA21, HSTNN-DA20
      Compatible Models:

      View HSTNN-CA21 All Details.

      How to pick the right Hp HSTNN-CA21 laptop AC adapters?

      All new laptops come with Hp HSTNN-CA21 AC power adapters. Adapters are used for charging  batteries and also used to supply power directly. There are occasions which we require to buy an AC power adapter. Most laptop users travel, for they travel to Europe or US they require Hp HSTNN-CA21 AC power adapters that take 100-240 voltage input and output 16 voltage or 19 voltage.

      Let us present 3 easy steps to pick the right Hp HSTNN-CA21 laptop AC power adapters.

      1. Finding the right "tips" for Hp HSTNN-CA21 - Different laptops have different connectors. You need the right tip for your laptop. This is very simply to find. Basically, laptop AC power adapters comprise of 2 ends. One end is male power outlet. You use this end to plug into wall power outlet. The other end is called "TIP" which you will plug this tip into the "DC IN" in your laptop.

      Your laptop won't work on the wrong tip. You can only use the " matching Tips"
      Warning: DO NOT try to force it in.

      2. Finding the right "output voltage" - Different laptops were designed to consume power varied by equipments such as CD-Rom, LCD size, CPU maker and CPU speed. You require to use the "matching voltage" . Only use the Hp HSTNN-CA21 laptop AC power adapter output the matching voltage of your laptops. You can easily locate your laptop voltage. Mostly, voltage is printed on your laptops. You also can check your laptop manual.

      3. Find the right "input voltage" - for those users who will travel abroad especially to Europe and Asia. You would need laptop AC power adapters that compatible with 220-240 voltage also. So it would be wise...and are!!.... Always look for Hp HSTNN-CA21 AC power adaptors accept 100~240 voltages. 100~240 voltages AC power adapters will go with you worldwide. You do not need to carry 2 adapters anymore.

      ADP-150BB B
      Panasonic RFEA226J-AF
      Chicony A16-135P1A A135A006L 20V 6.75A 135A AC Adapter Charger
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